Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well, what can I say.  It has been very busy around here.  There is not much time to do anything extra.  My days are filled up, from the time I awake, until I go to bed.  At this very moment Gavin and Levi are sleeping( which is very rare for LJ) Caleb should be home any minute, supper is on the stove, laundry is waiting to be folded, and my tomatoes are thawing in the sink to can. And here I am typing on the computer, not good!  Tonight we have to pick more tomatoes because it is going to frost.  I am sick and tired of tomatoes!  Then my husband informs me that he wants to plant 20 plants next year.  OH, MY, GOSH!  I think he will be canning them.  LOL!!  Well I know that this is not very interesting but it's all I got for the day.  Hey, I wrote, right?  Hopefully to write more soon.