Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thinking of Spring

Matt and his Dad plowing the new ground
Here we are April 21, (My mom's birthday) and still just thinking of spring.  It has been so cold and yucky out that we haven't done much.  But oh that doesn't hold us totally back.  Here's what we've done.  We added 1/3 of an acre to our property.  So exciting!  We added 3 new garden beds, and hopefully a garden shed, orchard, and vineyard this summer.  Are we CRAZY?  Don't answer that!  Here's some pics of us starting our new ground.  The boys loved having Grandpa over with the tractor and the fact that we were finally making our garden.

The boys learning from Grandpa

Matt is so handy and smart for making tools that we need.  He designed a three pronged tool to go deep into the ground.  Our goal is to not have to till, because it disturbs to much of the ground.  Worms are to do the tilling.  Poor Clyde had to sit on the back though to get it to go as deep as Matt wanted.  It was pretty funny and the boys thought it was hilarious!  

  Well, right now we only have a few things planted.  Our lettuce is          up and growing nicely.  We also have spinach, radishes, and scallions in the ground.  We have part of our peas in, about 60 ft. of them.  Matt planted 200 onions white and yellow.  We have 200 red and 100 candy to plant yet.  Usually we have all of our peas, potatoes and onions in.  Just getting a late start this year.  It will happen, we just have to be patient.      Well, I'm having major problems with typing and positioning today.  Think I'm done.  post more soon.      
Matt with his new tool