Friday, May 3, 2013

So my last post was been awhile.  So maybe this post should be, been a really long while.  So much has happened in a year and half.  Were to begin?

Caleb 13
Lets start with Caleb.  He's looking me in the eyes!!!  Can this really be happening?  13, seems unreal.  He will be an 8th grader next year.  Caleb is my thinker.  He's pretty quiet, well most of the time.  Every once in awhile he talks none stop, and I try really hard to listen because he's actually talking.  He loves to hunt and trap.  He's into survival stuff, and wants to live in Alaska. (Moms praying not!)  He's turning into quite the young man.  He loves the Lord, and is very sure in how he wants to follow Him.  He is making stands for his life that blows us away.  We are so proud of him!  
Our little Levi.  This is one amazing boy!  He is overcoming so many things, it is truly amazing.  He's in the 1st grade now and doing wonderful.  He has a smile that will warm your heart in a second and 
energy that will make you tired by noon.
He still loves tractors and farming and says he will be a farmer when he gets older.  He loves soccer and is really good at it.  He is our hard worker.  If you need anything done that requires heavy work, Levi is on the job.  He makes us so proud in how he is doing.  He brings to life that "All things are possible with God"

And then there is mister funny!  Gavin is a hoot! You never know what this little man is going to say.  He's 5 now!  My little baby is 5.  (ok I'm crying)  Gavin went to preschool this year and LOVED it!  (Well except for the day he played hooky)  This little guy loves everything.  He is so "go with the flow"  I can take him any where with me and he is as good as gold.  He loves trains and playing in the sand.  He is super smart and listens to everything being said around him.  (big brother Caleb loves to teach him big words and facts to tell others)  He is super excited to go to kindergarten next year.  (Mommy not so much)  And says he's going to read like his brothers in no time.  Oh, did I mention he's a crazy man on his bike?  He wants a big dirt hill to jump his bike with.  Ya, this little man does it all!  We can't wait to see what he all does.

       So then you have Matt and I.  16 years together and still madly in love!  Oh, how time flies!
We keep very busy keeping up with our boys!  Often we remind each other that we are on the same team.  And there is no I in team.  Its amazing how God put two people together who are complete opposites.  But it works, and thats all that matters.  Matt, still works at Grob, going on 22 years.  He plays on the praise team at church, and adds a quiet example of a humble man to our body.  He is really into arrow head hunting (Thanks Nate) and is getting into guns and hunting (again, thanks Nate)  He enjoys gardening, which we do together. (something in common)  I am so proud of him and all he does for us.  He is a great husband and father!  So that leaves me.  I still like the same things.  Gardening, reading, and scrapbooking.  My life is going to change greatly in about 4 months when all 3 boys go to school.  I'm looking forward to that time, but am very sad to see my boys all getting so big.  I praise God that I have all 3 of them, and my husband.  And pray that this new season will be filled with lots of learning and blessings.  

I hope you enjoyed our update.  And hopefully I will continue to blog.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Been awhile

Well, its been awhile since I've been on here.  This summer was fun but crazy.  In June we went to see my sister-in-law and her family in Iowa.  Our first family vacation!  The boys did great!  Words can not express how good it felt to take all of them somewhere.  In July I braved all by myself and took the all the boys to Sauder's village.  They loved it!  I have to say I was pretty proud to do that all by myself.  Caleb started 6th grade (My baby is getting so big) played soccer this fall and is enjoying hunting!  Levi started kindergarten in a typical class room!  Yes, you heard it!  He is going to school and with out an IEP.  Which is good and bad.  But thankfully he has the best teacher.  She has implemented sensory input for him through out his day.  Now when he comes home, he has many melt downs.  But its getting better.  The best thing is that he is starting to read simple words, he is ahead of many other students and he is making friends.  All things the Dr. told us he would probably never do.  Boy would I like to take him back to all those Doctors and say "Look, there is hope and you don't tell a parent there is nothing you can do!" Gavin and I are enjoying our days together.  He's such a funny little boy!  Can't believe that he's 3 already, wish I could keep him this little awhile longer.
Matt is still working 10 hour days and so tired when he gets home.  We praise God for his job, just wish they would give them some brakes so he doesn't get so burnt out.  I'm doing well, just trying to manage everything and keep my family going.  I am very excited to say I'm going to be an Aunt 3 times in 2012!  Can't wait to hold all those babies!!!  I won't spoil them, haha.  Hopefully I will keep up with this better, now that I have a little more time.  Have a blessed day my friends!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thinking of Spring

Matt and his Dad plowing the new ground
Here we are April 21, (My mom's birthday) and still just thinking of spring.  It has been so cold and yucky out that we haven't done much.  But oh that doesn't hold us totally back.  Here's what we've done.  We added 1/3 of an acre to our property.  So exciting!  We added 3 new garden beds, and hopefully a garden shed, orchard, and vineyard this summer.  Are we CRAZY?  Don't answer that!  Here's some pics of us starting our new ground.  The boys loved having Grandpa over with the tractor and the fact that we were finally making our garden.

The boys learning from Grandpa

Matt is so handy and smart for making tools that we need.  He designed a three pronged tool to go deep into the ground.  Our goal is to not have to till, because it disturbs to much of the ground.  Worms are to do the tilling.  Poor Clyde had to sit on the back though to get it to go as deep as Matt wanted.  It was pretty funny and the boys thought it was hilarious!  

  Well, right now we only have a few things planted.  Our lettuce is          up and growing nicely.  We also have spinach, radishes, and scallions in the ground.  We have part of our peas in, about 60 ft. of them.  Matt planted 200 onions white and yellow.  We have 200 red and 100 candy to plant yet.  Usually we have all of our peas, potatoes and onions in.  Just getting a late start this year.  It will happen, we just have to be patient.      Well, I'm having major problems with typing and positioning today.  Think I'm done.  post more soon.      
Matt with his new tool

Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm his Mom

I'm his Mom and it's me that can make the right choices for him. So often I have said he's getting better, (he is) then just to fall down with the reality we have so far to go. I have to say, I'm tired and we need help. I feel like I can't go on any more. Like I don't want to get out of bed, deal with one more issue, put a smile on my face that is fake. Where do you get help in the middle of know where? (I've already stopped typing 4 times because he needs something) We have to drive at least an hour to get help that insurance will pay for. Why should Matt's hard earned money go for this. You know I read somewhere that when a child has cancer people help the family but when your child has autism, no one is around. I think that goes for SPD also. I am thankful for my family they help when they can. It's days like this week when you feel all alone. But, I'm his Mom and I can do something about this. Here's what I wrote last night. 1st part is from a song that I changed the words to a little.

Who will love him for him? Not for what he has done or what he will become but his Mom. Me! I'm his Mom to cherish him, love him unconditionally, have patience for him, to care for him, to cheer him on, to hold him tight, to kiss him goodbye, tuck him in at night, cherish his words, adore his smile, appreciate his efforts, applause his work, pick him up, and love him just the way he is at just the moment we are in. I'm his Mom! No one else but me.

My prayer right now is that God will give me strength to be all I can be for him and his brothers. Also I'm still a wife, my husband needs me too. I'm empty and only God can fill me. I'm his Mom and its time to rise up and be all I can be!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well it has been a long time since I've posted again.  We have been doing so many things!  Gardening, Traveling (Yes, Matt and I went away for a weekend!), Canning, Soccer, and School.  We have been busy researching on how to homestead.  It is so cool, and we both feel so strongly about it.  I've asked myself what does this really mean for us, homesteading.  Isn't that what we already do?  We live in a home and we make it work for us.  But it is more than that!  It's using the land that God created, tilling it, planting it, reaping from it.  Its using natural things that God made for cleaning, power, and heat.  Its cooking using the foods that God made.  Its teaching our boys how to work, how to use their talents, and teaching them to enjoy the work that they do because they are doing it for a purpose.  We are realizing that when we use our hands for the Lord in doing His work, it is rewarding.  Its not a chore, its a joy!  Do we struggle through it?  Yes, because we have been corrupted by the things in this world.  We are told quicker is better.  Easier is better.  More things in your house is happier.  Bigger is better.  But when the day ends and you put your head on your pillow, what do you remember?  You remember all that you did, all that you accomplished that day.  The people that brought a smile to your face.  Homesteading is hard work, but we enjoy it.  I think its because we did it!  We used our strength, our muscles, our brains to do it.  Not technology!  Are we totally there yet?  No, I still use my microwave.  (That's my challenge for the week, Thanks Linda) We don't have chickens or a cow. ( We are thinking about the chickens)  But we are working on it.  And enjoying the process!  Ok, I'll get off of my soap box.  This is where we are at right now.  Homesteading, think about it!

The top picture is where Matt and I went for our vacation.  Amish Country!!!  It was Great!!!!!!!!!  We love it over there.  So peaceful and calm.  I could move there very easily!  Now thats homesteading!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Bread

I love making homemade bread!!!  I just wish I had more time to make it more often.  I'll get there.  It is so nice to know what is in there, lately I've been buying my bread and I want to cringe when I realize its been in there for a week and still looks and smells great.  ( thought of you Linda!)  So heres my recipe.  It's not that hard it just takes time, but wait until you bite into the first piece!!!

Makes 2 loaves
1 tablespoon active dry yeast
2 cups very warm water
6 cups flour (remember not to use bleached flour, Your eating bleach, really you are)
2/3 cup dry milk
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder (remember to get aluminum free, health food stores carry it)
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil

1. combine yeast and water, in small bowl, let the yeast set on top and set aside
2. In a very large bowl, combine all dry ingredients, mix well
3. Add oil to yeast and water mix slowly, than add to dry mixture
4. Mix well with hands ( Make sure your hands are clean!  LOL)
5. After you have some sort of a ball in the bowl, put some flour on your working area, take ball out of         bowl and continue mixing on surface.  Push out with palms of your hand than fold sides to middle and  repeat.  This takes sometime to get used to, but you need to work it until you don't feel any bumps, You don't want to work it to much though.
6. put in bowl and let rise for 45 min.
7. take out of bowl and knead on surface (put flour down so it doesn't stick) Only kneed about 15 to 20 times.
8. separate into 2 loaves put in lightly oiled bread pans. Let rise about 45 min. or when it is sticking up above your pan.
9. Bake at 325 degrees for about 40 min. or until nice and brown on top.  Bread will be a medium brown.
10. Enjoy!!!

If this doesn't make sense, I'm sorry.  Had a 5 year old needing everything but the kitchen sink.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Will it ever stop?

These last two weeks have been so hard.  Levi's sensory issues have gone through the roof!  It seems like everything I try, makes him madder.  He wants a squeeze but says it hurts.  Wants a soft back rub and screams I'm hurting him.  Won't eat certain foods, gags on drinking water, changes his clothes 3 to 4 times a day because they hurt him, is back to banging his head and rubbing it on the floor.  Wants to be alone, but doesn't want me far away.  I feel like our world has been turned upside down and inside out.  I'm trying to stay calm and telling myself this usually lasts 2 to 4 weeks than it gets better again for awhile.  But I am so tired.  It's starting to really effect the other two boys.  Gavin (our youngest) is starting to do some of these things now.  He doesn't have SPD, he just sees his older brother do it so he thinks its normal.  Right now the big question is if Levi should have his own room.  It's tearing me up though, because that means Caleb will have to go down stairs or Gavin will have to go into Caleb's room.  Oh, I wish things were different.  I never thought my family would go through this.  I really could go into a hole and sleep awhile.