Friday, October 14, 2011

Been awhile

Well, its been awhile since I've been on here.  This summer was fun but crazy.  In June we went to see my sister-in-law and her family in Iowa.  Our first family vacation!  The boys did great!  Words can not express how good it felt to take all of them somewhere.  In July I braved all by myself and took the all the boys to Sauder's village.  They loved it!  I have to say I was pretty proud to do that all by myself.  Caleb started 6th grade (My baby is getting so big) played soccer this fall and is enjoying hunting!  Levi started kindergarten in a typical class room!  Yes, you heard it!  He is going to school and with out an IEP.  Which is good and bad.  But thankfully he has the best teacher.  She has implemented sensory input for him through out his day.  Now when he comes home, he has many melt downs.  But its getting better.  The best thing is that he is starting to read simple words, he is ahead of many other students and he is making friends.  All things the Dr. told us he would probably never do.  Boy would I like to take him back to all those Doctors and say "Look, there is hope and you don't tell a parent there is nothing you can do!" Gavin and I are enjoying our days together.  He's such a funny little boy!  Can't believe that he's 3 already, wish I could keep him this little awhile longer.
Matt is still working 10 hour days and so tired when he gets home.  We praise God for his job, just wish they would give them some brakes so he doesn't get so burnt out.  I'm doing well, just trying to manage everything and keep my family going.  I am very excited to say I'm going to be an Aunt 3 times in 2012!  Can't wait to hold all those babies!!!  I won't spoil them, haha.  Hopefully I will keep up with this better, now that I have a little more time.  Have a blessed day my friends!