Thursday, August 27, 2009

What am I doing?

Well, I thought that this would be a great tool!  Tool for what, I don't know yet.  But there are so many days that my thoughts go on and on.  I just need to do something with them.  So here I am blogging!  (Hope your happy Dad, I finally did it!)  My days are so full with busy boys, meals, cleaning, staying sane, and trying to keep peace that I just don't have much time for me.  One of these days, though I want to look back and say I did my best.  I poured everything I had into my family and look what came from it.  One of these days, I want my kids to call me blessed.  One of these days, I want to help someone with a child with ADHD or Autism.  Help them to have the courage and energy to go on.  To be that encouragement that is so needed for us Mom's that go through this.  One of these days, I want to sit on my porch with my husband and look at our family that is serving the Lord.  One of these days, I want to have time and energy to Dance.  One of these days, I will wake up with a smile and a peaceful home.  One of these days, I want my God to say well done my faithful servant.  You persevered, asked for wisdom instead of riches, and praised me, through your storms.  One of these days, I want to see my Savior face to face! 

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