Thursday, December 10, 2009


Christmas!!! It's Christmas!!! I love christmas!!! Now last year I did not. We didn't put up a tree, I was grumpy, and there was no snow. But this year I am so excited!! The boys can't wait either. Actually if it was up to me, we would do Santa this weekend! LOL!! But really, I think that I feel the wonder of it all this year. Levi is so into Santa, but he is also asking so many ?'s about Jesus and "how are we going to send him a gift". Kids are God's gift to us parents to keep us on our toes! How do we send gifts to Jesus? Have you ever thought of that? Really, we know the answers love people, give gifts to the needy, seek God. But do we, as adults really get that? No, I don't think we do. We think that gifts have to be big and expensive. Wrapped in pretty paper and bows. We are embarrassed if our gift isn't as nice as someone elses. We love on the people that we want to love on, because others are just to much work. We give to the needy at stores, but not like we should. Why, why do we do these things? I think it is because we don't fully know the love of God. And that being because we don't take the time. We get wrapped up in OUR lives, that we forget about others. What makes us the happiest? I think we should think about that ?. Than take that and do it for others. I love presents!! Unwrapping those pretty packages!! LOVE IT! So, I am going to think of a way to do just that, and not to my family, to someone else. Who, I don't know. It may be someone at Walmart! LOL that would shock someone! Actually that might be an awesome idea!! Hopefully they don't think it is a joke! Well those are my thoughts this Christmas season. How can I give a gift to Jesus? Thanks Levi! Keep mommy thinking! Merry Christmas everyone! May you get the love feeling, this year and carry it on into the next.

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