Saturday, July 17, 2010

My little guy is 5!

Today is Levi's 5th birthday!  Words cannot express all the feelings that go into this day.  It is amazing how your mind can replay things from 5 years ago.  From the 8:00 a.m. call saying that he is being born, to the 10:00 a.m. call saying that he's here!  The feelings of not being there to hold my son, horrible.  I ached to hold my baby.  The call when we are an hour away saying the Birth Mom has changed some things and she wants to meet us first.  Then she'll tell us if we can see our baby.  To walking into the hospital meeting the foster Dad for the first time.  The time of meeting the birth Mom, and knowing that God was leading us and holding me up.  Hearing her say we could go see OUR baby now!  Walking into the room, meeting our foster Mom and our baby's Aunt for the 1st time.  And then the best moment!  Having Sandy place little Levi in my arms and hearing her say "Levi, meet your Mommy" (I'm crying right now and can't see the screen)  Seeing Matt's face, as he looked down at his new son and trying to hold back his tears.  Watching Caleb stroke Levi's forehead and saying "I'm a big brother now".   Having to leave the hospital with my baby there, after just holding him for 20 minutes.  Heart wrenching.  The feelings of going to a new house and staying with people we didn't know, but knowing that we had just meet 2 very special people that would help mold us and change us forever.   Realizing that we had to stay in Green Bay for 33 days, and Matt having to go back to Ohio to work.  Leaving me with our 5 year old and a new baby that was going through detox.  Thank the Lord I had Dennis and Sandy!  The day that we walked into the court room and had to face the birth parents and agree to raise him as our own.  Words can't describe that feeling.  Giving the Birth Mom a hug, and telling her thank you for giving us such a precious gift.  Priceless.  And finally, kneeling down by the couch begging God for that phone call saying we could bring our baby home.  But knowing that we had to leave our new family behind.  Our foster parents became our family why'll there, and I will forever be greatful to them!  Those are the feelings that go into this day.  The day that God placed our precious son into our arms to love forever.  We love you Levi John!  You mean the world to us.  You may not have come from Mommy's belly, but you came from God's hands.  And He lovingly placed you in our arms and our hearts this day 5 years ago.  Happy Birthday, Little Love!

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  1. Happy Birthday Levi!
    What a beautiful post Heather...I remember it all (of course, I wasn't there but lived it with you over the phone!..he,he!). Love ya dear friend!