Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dare I even say

Dare I even say that we are having a decent day.  It always scares me when I think this, because you never know what is coming.  But honestly it hasn't been to bad.  Gavin actually went down for his nap without his "B".  Well, he cried for 15 minutes, but hey that's better than yesterday.  Levi got a little scared of the storm, only cried for about 5 minutes with no big meltdown.  Caleb actually played with his brothers for about 1 hour!!  Now, do you see what I mean about Dare I even say?  These are the times that we should cherish and not walk around waiting for something to happen.  I know that, but when you walk in our shoes, that feeling is just there.  It is amazing how often we think something but that phrase "dare I even say" comes in and we stop.  Some day, I will beat that phrase and I will be able to say when its been a good day.  And better yet, know that tomorrow will be better too!

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