Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mommy will you squash me?

I think I hear this question everyday and on days like today, maybe 5.  Already this morning he has asked for this.  Every time he asks me to lay on him I think, I hope no one is watching.  How can so much pressure feel so good?  If something heavy is on me I feel like I'm going to suffocate.  But he loves it!  This morning he asked for his weighted blanket, (the little one he said) after putting that on he asked for the big one.  "On top of the little one" I asked.  "Ya, that will feel so good"  Ok, so I did.  He smiled than said "can you lay on top"?  Oh, my goodness!!!  He melted ( didn't really lay on him, I was afraid to hurt him).  These are the things that amaze me!  How can this make his brain work?  How can this pressure open up that jam in there?  Thankfully it does!  I wonder if he will out grow this?  He's going to be a tall boy.  I can only image my 6 foot boy asking me to squash him.  For goodness sakes, he will be able to squash me!  Thankfully my mother-in-law makes his weighted blankets for us.  Well, my little boy.  You just keep on asking to be squashed and Mommy will keep on squashing you.


  1. He's so cute! Oh, and the mental picture of 6ft Levi being squashed by you made me giggle. Hang in there...I have a feeling that won't be the case when he's older. He'll just need big hugs :o)

  2. ah, so been there with my 4yr old with SPD! He's constantly asking for hugs, and more recently has asked me to sit on him and squish him. I'm trying to find ways to give him that input without me (or him trying to hug his little brother too hard)...if you find any, let me know!


  3. Alysia,

    We made him a weighted blanket that he can put on himself. It has helped a lot. But on those days that its not enough, he still asks to be squished. Also we have put a bunch of blankets and pillows in a corner and draped a blanket over chair. Kinda like a tent. the darker area and all the stuff in it was enough input for him to calm down. Any time he would hug is baby brother to hard we would tell him to go to his secret corner. He loved it!