Monday, June 28, 2010

My Children's Dad

My children's Dad is the greatest!  He just happens to be my husband of 13 years.  Have you ever thought that they have it easy?  They get to go to work and we get stuck at home with the kids.  We have to deal with the issues everyday, all day.  It is at times like this though when I stop and think about what he all does, and I am amazed.  How my husband can get up 5 days a week at 3:45 a.m. and drive about 40 min. to work and give his company his very best.  He doesn't just stand around, he uses his brain and muscles all day long.  The part that amazes me the most is, when he comes home.  After working about 10 hours, than driving home he opens the door with a smile and says "how was your day?"  The boys go running to him yelling Daddy, and demanding his immediate attention.  I'd say close to everyday he gives them a hug and talks with them about their day.  He has to deal with the issues as soon as he comes home.  No time to chill.    Levi needs Daddy touch and Daddy ears.  Matt is learning right along with me on what our boys need, especially Levi.  He doesn't get upset when I ask him to tackle with Levi or give him bear hugs.  When I quietly tell him it's been a BIG SENSORY DAY, and to give Levi some slack.  Ya, there are days that he needs time to just chill in front of the computer for a little while, but I can bet that he will be up and doing things around the house and giving our boys attention before too long.  I want to honor my husband for what he does.  He is a hard working man that doesn't ask for much.  He loves us completely, and with no strings attached.  Thank you Matt for being a great Dad to our boys and for being my constant support.  I could not do what I do everyday without you.  I love you so much!


  1. Great photo! Thanks for participating in the Blog Carnival (I would email you, but my email is down, sorry!)!

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  2. Awesome post Heather! Hugs :o)

  3. It's great to hear such a positive review of my brother :) I used to think it must be nice to be the husband and dad and get out of the house every day (like you said) but the more I understand my God given vocation, and the more i understand that of the husband, I have decided to be content right where I'm at! God has given them (the head of the house) such a tremendous responsibility. Thank God for husbands and fathers!